If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We have been very frustrated to hear that some of our customers have been going through a rough time with other company’s misleading ads. We believe our Job is to help manufactured home buyers stay informed. Let us tell you why you cannot buy a manufactured home in California for 20,000.

Every day, American consumers receive offers that sound too good to be true.

California manufactured home shoppers are bombarded by online ads and flyers that promise shockingly low prices. We have had customers come to us after driving out of state chasing these “deals”. Arriving to find that these deals were not what they seemed. Here at Strictly Manufactured homes we are upfront and honest with our customers. We make sure that the quote we give you includes everything you need to have a legal home ready to move into.

A car dealer would not offer to sell you a car without an engine

Can You Buy a Manufactured Home in California for $20,000They would not explain that the engine was an additional cost. There are many required steps related to purchasing and installing a manufactured home in California. Here are some of the most common costs incurred when you buy a manufactured home in California.

$4k-$8k Transport fees*

(sometimes CHP escorts require additional cost)

$5k-$10k Required California Fire Sprinklers*

(in some cases, pressure tanks are required to assist the sprinkler function, additional cost to buyer)

$ Required California Wildland Fire Package (WUI)*
$ California Manufactured Home Taxes*
$ California Manufactured Home Permits*
$ County & Regional Impact Fees*


Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Education, good judgment, and a well-informed manufactured home team are your best tools while searching to buy a manufactured home in California. You can depend on us to be upfront and honest with your manufactured home purchase. Working with Strictly Manufactured Homes means you get over 50 years of combined manufactured home sales and installation experience on your side. Our team will know what fees are required for your home, and help you understand ways to save. We care about our customers and want to see them happy in their new manufactured homes.

*Not all fees are applicable on all California Manufactured Home Sales/Installations.