Fleetwood and Champion have mastered the manufactured home building process. Their Manufactured Homes are constructed in spacious, indoor, climate controlled production facilities. Skilled craftsmen engineer and assemble your home with strict attention to specifications. Built smart with advanced construction technologies that are proven. Their Manufactured home building process exceeds energy star efficiency guidelines.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Several steps are taken during the manufactured home building process to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Our Builders save you money and protect the environment, by using energy efficient products and practices. Fleetwood and Champion both have earned The Energy Star Certified home market leader award.

Controlled Factory Environment

A key benefit of the manufactured home building processĀ is the controlled factory environment. A manufactured home is constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment, built to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. Once the high-quality raw materials are received, the Manufactured Home building process begins. Weather delays and materials being damaged by weather conditions is completely eliminated by our controlled indoor environment.

Advanced Construction Technologies

Fleetwood and Champion homes are Built smart with advanced computer design and manufacturing systems. Advanced factory technologies and proven specification allow for perfect fitment. Manufactured Homes are built with more framing and fastening materials so that they can withstand the stress of transportation. Giving you a stronger Home, for a fraction of the price.

Industry Leaders in the Manufactured Home Building Process.

Through the years, Fleetwood and Champion have refined a detailed building process. Resulting inconsistent superior quality. Each Manufactured Home undergoes rigid quality control inspections. Inspecting every aspect of construction to meet each state’s building code. Fleetwood and Champion Homes are Energy Star certified, saving you money each month on your energy bill. With endless possibilities in style and design, we are confident that Fleetwood or Champion can fulfill your dream home needs.