No matter where you are in your life, or what your home needs are, we can help you choose the perfect new manufactured home. Are you looking for a larger family home, or wanting to downsize? Either way we have a floor plan that fits your lifestyle. With all of our years of experience, one thing we know is that there are many choices when it comes to buying a home. We are here to walk you through this experience, sharing all of our wisdom we have accumulated over the many years of helping people find homes they love.

New Manufactured Homes Offer Many Choices

We will help guide you through the choices. A great question to start with is how much space do you need? You want enough space in your home to allow everyone living there to feel comfortable. It is important to make sure you have enough space to accommodate your life, taking into consideration family members, hobbies, and desired furniture. How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you need? Be sure to keep in mind any kids, or mother in-laws that may be in your future. An extra room can be a multi-functional lifesaver. Whether you use it as a guest bedroom, for storage, an office, or for future additions to your family you will be glad for the extra space.

Open or Closed Floor Plan?

New Manufactured Home Floor PlansHave you put thought into the kind of floor plan that would suit your new manufactured home best? It is very common for modern homes these days to be designed with an open floor plan. Open floor plans encourage family togetherness, while entertaining guests becomes simpler providing a space that is welcoming and relaxing. These floor plans usually work extremely well in homes with less square footage. Closed floor plans can be quite charming. Keeping common and private spaces well separated has countless benefits. With more doors and walls, means more space for artwork and flexibility when it comes to color schemes. You can easily theme each room differently.

Colors for Your New Manufactured Home

New Manufactured Home Floor Plans Red Bluff Champion Manufactured Home Sales Interior Dining Room (2)_2Are you the type of person who looks at a white wall as a blank canvas, or the person who loves a white wall. With the vast array of color choices available today, it can be hard to know where to begin when choosing the color of the walls in your new manufactured home. The importance of color is often underestimated, it can change our perception of the space around us. Color can turn your home cool and energetic, or spacious and cozy. Keep your whole home in mind while choosing colors. You may want to coordinate from room-to-room, or from interior to exterior. The good news is that there are many easy resources available to help you create your personal palette with confidence.

Its all About the Kitchen

New Manufactured Home Floor PlansYour kitchen is an essential part of your new manufactured home. It is not simply a place to store and cook food. It is the heart of your home. Islands are being used these days not just for food preparation, but for giving friends and family a place to gather as well as dine. Kitchen islands also add more working and storage space. When considering the type of kitchen you want your home to have, try to remember this is a room everyone in your home will use. It is important that your kitchen provides and adequate amount of storage and functionality. Your kitchen should have ample counter top surface and cabinet storage for all of your kitchen gadgets.

You Have Come to the Right Place

Strictly Manufactured Homes Team Red Bluff Ca These are just a handful of the considerations while choosing your new manufactured home. Come on in, sit down and let us help you make your dream home a reality. Check out the new manufactured homes on our website. Our website allows you to quickly narrow down the vast selection of new manufactured homes available. Then head down to our red bluff new manufactured home dealership. Our experienced team can help you design your new manufactured home today.