At Strictly Manufactured Homes, we want our clients to feel informed, comfortable and taken care of through the whole home buying process. Buying a new home can be a confusing experience. With this in mind, we have put together a simple guide to help explain the 5 steps involved in buying and having your Manufactured home installed.

1: Site Inspection

Your home’s site is an important part of your home.When you choose Strictly Manufactured Homes to do a site inspection, our licensed building contractor, and home inspector will be coming out for the inspection. Our professional team will be there through all of the steps making sure the entire process progresses as smoothly as possible. During this process we walk through the property and determine if the chosen site is appropriate for your home. It allows our professionals to get a clear understanding of the onsite amenities you want your home to have (decks, sidewalks, garages, etc.) Lastly the site inspection allows us to prevent problems with possible flood plains, required easements and other local code issues.

2: Transportation

One of our professional driver’s delivers your new home to the site safely and on-time so it arrives in perfect condition. Reliable delivery with proper placement is key in the home set-up process.

3: Home Installation

Placement of support piers is very important to distribute the weight correctly and level the home. Footers, runners and slabs are important,  they redistribute the weight of the home.Installed correctly they provide a stable environment for your home. Improper placement leads to cracked drywall, doors that do not operate properly and improper drainage of waste water.  Our Qualified setup crews make sure your home meets or surpasses all mandated local regulations.

4: Final Inspection

The technician starts by closely inspecting your home’s exterior, including the roof, chimney, flue stacks and vents for weather-tight integrity. Our technician makes sure your home is properly sealed.All doors and windows are checked for proper installation.We make sure everything is meeting your highest expectations.

5: Move In

After the final close with your mortgage company, you will receive your certificate of occupancy. Then the move into your new dream home begins. While moving in, you’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your home installation was handled by our qualified and experienced team here at Strictly Manufacture Homes.